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Bringing Astrology To Life 

Raphael’s Ephemeris contains all the information that an astrologer needs.  It has a beautiful easy-to-read layout; cutting-edge astronomical accuracy; and a wide scope that gives noon GMT   daily longitudes  and latitudes of the planets, declinations, Moon's phases, complete aspectarian,  true and mean nodes,  ten-daily asteroids, and much much more. Buy Raphael's Ephemeris  and it will become your trusted tool for life.

The ephemeris comes in two forms: the much-loved, pocket-sized yearly ephemeris, or the big, beautiful, 51-year ephemerides.

I can’t imagine not having it .... I just love it!
— Melanie Reinhart (author of Chiron and the Healing Journey)
No serious astrologer would be without Raphael’s Ephemeris
— Sue Tompkins (author of Aspects in Astrology)
It’s an important ephemeris ... I think Raphael’s will go on forever - you can’t replace it with a computer.
— Deike Begg (Author of Synchronicity – The Promise of Coincidence)

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Past Articles  From Our Newsletter

Raphael’s Ephemeris is the most informational Ephemeris there is.
— Erin Sullivan (author of Saturn in Transit)
Raphael’s Ephemeris was the first one I ever used - there was no other! It was excellent
— Alice Portman (Australian astrologer)
What I’ve found is information in Raphael’s that absolutely nobody else has. This is the ephemeris you should use if you are going to consider yourself a good astrologer.
— Christine Arens (US astrologer and teacher)
Indispensable for all astrologers!
— D Kay, Amazon
Have been using Raphael’s Ephemerides for decades!
— Susan, Amazon
An essential part of my work in Astrology!
— Robert Cresswell, Amazon
As ever - this ephemeris is a must for every astrologer!
— Margaret L, Amazon