Why Use A Printed Ephemeris?

We love technology here at Raphael’s. There are some incredible astrology programmes and online ephemerides out there. There are  shiny tablets and phones with stunning screens to read them with. If you can pull up any planet position, hundreds of years in the future, and hundreds of years in the past, with the tiny supercomputer in your pocket, then why buy a hard-copy ephemeris?

Ultimately, it’s about the quality of experience. Just as creating a chart by just adding the birth date, time, and location into a computer is a far better experience than drawing each one manually up by hand, using a reference text is much better achieved with a book, not a computer.

  • A physical ephemeris makes it much easier to just move around places in the text without losing your place.
  • A physical ephemeris is much easier to dip in and out of.
  • A physical ephemeris makes it much easier to scan a wide range of information without losing your place.
  • A physical ephemeris fits snugly in any bag, and is easier to pull out than flicking through lots of apps and tapping data in on your phone.
  • A physical yearly ephemeris is lighter than your wallet.
  • A physical ephemeris is easier on your eyes.

And, of course, people have an emotional connection with the printed page - there is something magical about it.

If you’re reading a novel on a kindle from start to finish and not flicking back and forth, it offers a great experience (not least not having to lug around a book).

But when you quickly want to check the date Mercury goes direct and when Saturn enters Capricorn you can’t get better than Raphael’s Yearly Ephemeris.