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Annual and 51-year Ephemerides

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Raphael's Ephemeris 2019

Raphael's 51-Year Ephemeris 2000 - 2050

Raphael's 51-Year Ephemeris 1950 - 2000

Raphael's Guide to Astrology
Publishing history of Raphael’s

A Longstanding Tradition

The oldest of its kind, Raphael’s Ephemeris has a rich history, being published by W. Foulsham & Co. (London) since 1836. Founded by William Foulsham in 1819, Foulsham Publishing is also the current publisher of Old Moore’s Almanack, an annual publication first published in 1697.

Raphael’s Ephemeris was first issued as part of an almanac entitled The Prophetic Messenger in the early nineteenth century. However, several astrologers around that time mysteriously used the angelic name ‘Raphael’ in order to maintain privacy. 

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Tables of Planetary Positions

Watch the Raphael's Ephemeris Review

VIDEO: Occupying a unique place in the history of astrology, some of the world’s best astrologers – including Melanie Reinhart, Bernadette Brady, Erin Sullivan, Sue Tompkins, Christine Arens and Rose Marcus talk about using Raphael’s Ephemeris

Trusted Work

“I can’t imagine not having it … I just love it! ~ Melanie Reinhart (author of Chiron and the Healing Journey)

“No serious astrologer would be without Raphael’s Ephemeris” ~ Sue Tompkins (author of Aspects in Astrology)

“It’s an important ephemeris … I think Raphael’s will go on forever – you can’t replace it with a computer.” ~ Deike Begg (Author of Synchronicity – The Promise of Coincidence)

“Raphael’s Ephemeris is the most informational Ephemeris there is.” ~ Erin Sullivan (author of Saturn in Transit)

“Raphael’s Ephemeris was the first one I ever used – there was no other! It was excellent.” ~ Alice Portman (Australian astrologer)

“What I’ve found is information in Raphael’s that absolutely nobody else has. This is the ephemeris you should use if you are going to consider yourself a good astrologer.” ~ Christine Arens (US astrologer and teacher)

“Indispensable for all astrologers!” ~ D Kay, Amazon

“An essential part of my work in Astrology!” ~ Robert Cresswell, Amazon

“As ever – this ephemeris is a must for every astrologer!” ~ Margaret L, Amazon

“As always, an excellent source of information for the positions of the planets; which I use to locate them astronomically.” ~ Charles M. Barksdale, Amazon.com

“I’ve been buying this item for over 40 years. Always satisfactory.” ~ Amazon.com

“Best ephemeris around for professionals. Great size to carry around everyday. Packed full of good information. Easy to read. Like the use of GMT” ~ Joyce Patton, Amazon.com

“I’ve been buying ‘Raphael’s Ephemerides’ for 40 years and can honestly say they are the best about. Accurate, easy to read, very user friendly. A stellar product indeed!” ~ Amazon.com

“Have been using Raphael’s Ephemerides for decades! Accurate and has everything I need. It’s also very lightweight and slips into my handbag. Of great importance to me is that the aspectarian includes minor aspects, not just the Ptolemaics, as well as all planet ingresses.” ~ Susan, Amazon.com

“I have been an astrologer since 1967. I can attest that Raphael’s is the best Ephemeris that you can buy. I know of no other Ephemeris that gives you the quality of information that Raphael does. Even if you have an astrology program, you still need to have this kind of information as it quickly gives you the information that you need. I also have Raphael’s 50 year Ephemeris to give me the longer view, years in advance.” ~ Amazon.co.uk

“I’ve been collecting this ephemera for my father, for the last 20 plus years. Benchmark in sidereal calculations.” ~ Amazon.co.uk

“I order this every year, so that I can construct current horoscopes – both for individual interpretations and for a horoscope column that I write. It is neat, concise and easy to follow/clear. It is a ‘must have’ for my work as an astrologer. You can’t go wrong with this one!” ~ Amazon.co.uk

“Amazing idea to combine a detailed aspectarian with an ephemeris. And one of the only ephemeredes I’ve seen which lists the declinations and includes declinations in the aspects too. Invaluable!! I love the lineage, history and tradition of Raphael’s too.” ~ Amazon.co.uk