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Chiron in the Houses (Part Two)

Chiron in the Houses (Part Two)

Last month’s main feature covered the influence of Chiron meanings through the astrological houses 1 to 6.  This month we will be looking at Chiron’s placements in houses 7 to 12 and how the theme of ‘sacred wounding’ might unfold in one’s life. Chiron’s story in Greek myth – where his ultimate redemption came through sacrificing his mortal wound for immortality – tells us that the wounding of a hero or god is somehow necessary to their later development. Jean Houston, Ph.D. has written perceptively about this theme in The Search for the Beloved (Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc., 1987): “All of these myths of wounding carry with them the uncanny, the mysterious, the announcement that the sacred is entering into time. Each prefigures a journey, a renaissance, a birth or rebirth, a turning point in the lives of gods and mortals.” This is highly relevant where Chiron on the birth chart is concerned.  For those interested in knowing more about this undoubtedly important addition to modern astrology, I would also recommend highly Melanie Reinhart’s Chiron and the Healing Journey ( revised 3rd edition, Starwalker Press 2009)

Chiron’s position in the houses, in brief, represents an area where there may be an unsolvable, or at least unresolved issue – this is simply a less dramatic way of expressing ‘unhealable wound’. Chiron is often where there is a sense that we’re capable of more, but equally frustrated in our ability to achieve it. It is thus where we may feel life has let us down, where all our efforts have come to a painful naught. If this is the case, then it is certain that we are missing something. Perhaps we are being too idealistic and must alter our whole perception on the matter.  In some cases we simply must accept what is – without attempting to change it. This is real wisdom. In other cases we can work through our Chiron area and find the means of transformation. Though at first it may be painful, we need to realise that this area of life (indicated by its house position and aspects) is crucial to our development, it is a necessary part of us.  We can no more truly ignore it than we can chop off our own head – for the ‘wound’ isn’t something that needs overcoming. (Just like an ordinary flesh wound, it needs loving care and attention.)  Healing, in short.

Chiron’s birth position often figures prominently in the charts of ‘outsiders’, whether good or bad, famous or infamous, there is usually something ‘different’ about such people. (Naturally, one must consider other chart factors at the same time.) It can often be the planet that secretly shows just what is driving someone, but like the other planets, it is neither good nor bad – it can be used in either way. It all depends on our level of awareness and moral values. In time we may find that what hurts also heals – that is, the ‘wound’ can be seen as a kind of catalyst that is a spur towards further growth, inner knowledge, as we stretch to raise our consciousness and truly understand ourselves.


Chiron 7th house/on Desc.

The seventh house encompasses all personal relationships, marriage, agreements and business. As can be expected, with Chiron here, there may be a sense that what has wounded one is some particular person. The tendency to blame others must be overcome, as must the feeling that one is suffering through no fault of one’s own. There may be a syndrome whereby the other person leaves as soon as they have taken all they want, so to speak. These are classic projection scenarios – one’s own behaviour is contributing to all of this and the sooner one realises it, the better. This is likely to be a ‘mirror image’ of a part of the Unconscious  – one sees in others what one refuses to see in oneself. But if you are humble enough, you may see you’re blaming others for your own imperfections. With real effort, the healing process can properly begin. Know thyself!


Chiron 8th house

The eighth house goes beyond the seventh, so to speak, and the everyday surface of relationships is torn away – hence psychology, intimacy issues, sexual matters. But it’s really about genuine emotional union, or exchange, at least from the point of view of the overall psyche. With Chiron here there may be a sense that someone (probably in childhood) has wielded their power in a negative way, and one is determined that no-one else will exert a similar hold. There may be the usual eighth house issues, such as losing out financially to another. So you try to be in supreme control of everything, especially feelings and emotions, for this is where the wound begins – in a state of vulnerability.  Oddly, you can make a good healer/counsellor where other people’s emotions are concerned, but sooner or later you must ‘let go’ and trust – enough to let someone into your heart.


Chiron 9th house

The ninth is the domain of higher knowledge and education, foreign travel, religion, spiritual ideas and philosophy. What unites all of these is the experience of moving beyond one’s everyday world, increasing one’s understanding of life, and thus raising one’s consciousness. Like Chiron in the third, this is the placement of the classic ‘know-it-all’, but the individual is also driven to find a belief system, a philosophy to live by. This may provide the Chironic wound, if one is finally  disenchanted with the result. Or maybe one’s parents had strict religious beliefs, and one is left with its unlovely consequences. At any rate, you are searching for ‘something’ – but it won’t be found in anything external. The inner wound will only heal when you see the quest for the ‘right’ belief system, a guru, or even the Holy Grail is really an inner one. For you are the thing you have been searching for!


Chiron 10th house/on M.C.

The tenth house is the pinnacle of the chart – where we are going to, in terms of ambition, professional career and social/public prestige. But it is really about our experience of (and relationship to) authority and the person with Chiron in the tenth has ‘issues’. Where the power issues in the eighth were rooted in one-to-one, emotional relationships, here they concern parents, teachers, employers etc. Chiron tenth housers can be a law unto themselves – perhaps the ‘wound’ came from mother or father, a harsh taskmaster or an employer. Maybe you were made to feel inferior,  pushed too hard, or just neglected. Either way, there is now a desire to carve out your own individual path to success. Indeed, for your task is to discover what success really means for you, beyond money and status. It is about coming to terms with your own power – not someone else’s!


Chiron 11th house

Usually the astrological house ‘ruling’ friends, hopes, aspirations, clubs, groups, societies, it is underlined by its ‘collective’ tag. It’s about how we may (or may not) fit in with the larger social context. Usually, Chiron doesn’t ‘fit in’ anywhere at all – and a sense of alienation from friendships may be present from an early age. This produces the loner, and either you are compulsively ‘needy’ for company, or are determined to revel in your solo status. In either case, your link to the larger whole is ‘wounded’ somehow. There may be difficulties in maintaining friendships or a sense that you can never find the ‘right group’ to belong to. Even so, you have much to give as a friend – be sure not to be taken advantage of. True healing can occur only when you realise that there is no ‘right group’ out there. Better still, when you live out the eternal truth that we’re all one under the skin!


Chiron 12th house

In the twelfth house, individual will and ego tend to dissolve, personal barriers disappear and we are driven by forces beyond our control. Essentially, this is an Unconscious area, containing everything that shows how we are our own worst enemy. (As with self-delusion, drugs or alcohol abuse.)  But it also has to do with spiritual values, inspiration, self sacrifice and healing. This is virtually the meaning of Chiron itself – almost as if this planet is at home, here! The Chiron energy may be projected and one is forced to care for a sick and needy person, possibly a parent or child. Either way, ‘wounding and healing’ will be a major life-theme of someone with Chiron in the twelfth. It is certain you will have strong spiritual beliefs, even if you consciously deny them. Get in touch with this aspect of yourself. Reach out to others. Make compassion your duty. Healing others means healing yourself, too.


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