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Raphael’s Guide to Lunations (Part Two)

Raphael’s Guide to Lunations (Part Two)

Last month’s Newsletter brought you part one of the Raphael Guide to Lunations, the cycle entailing New Moon, the Full Moon and back again. Below, in part two, is a guide to how this phenomena might noticeably affect your birth chart as Lunations contact natal planets. (Which is to say, by either conjunction or opposition.)

Sun: You have to stand up for yourself, take some decisive action on your own account, quit dilly-dallying around and make a firm commitment. You must be willing to trust yourself and take complete responsibility for your life direction. You may receive approbation, or be given a chance to shine.

Examples: Adolf Hitler = Munich beer hall grab for power. Prince Charles = Coronation of Queen Elizabeth. Princess Diana = Marriage. John F Kennedy = Proposed marriage to Jackie. Jackie Kennedy Onassis = Death of father.

Moon: You must be collected within your-self, marshal all your resources to get beyond wishful thinking and vague yearnings. Situations or relationships from out of your past may reemerge in your present, putting your true feelings on the line. You have to give way, go along with others, or pick up loose ends in your life.

Examples: Mikhail Gorbachev = House arrest, coup against him. Elvis Presley = Discharged from army (resumed career). Jackie Kennedy Onassis = Election of JFK to presidency. Walt Disney = Mickey Mouse Club TV show began.

Mercury: You are alert, clear-minded, and able to embark upon new projects with self-confidence and dynamism. You may travel or find new interests and friendships. You may take up a new role which enhances your sense of competence and versatility.

Examples: Muhammad Ali = Second marriage. Richard Nixon = Birth of first daughter. Elvis Presley = Birth of first daughter; first big concert (start of success); Las Vegas opening (first stage show in years).

Venus: You are poised and assured regarding intimate relationships and creative, artistic endeavours. You may have social success or win other people over. It’s a poignant and stimulating time for your affections, but you have to get past your usual defences and let yourself be vulnerable to reach out to others.

Examples: Jackie Kennedy Onassis = Engagement to JFK. Frank Sinatra = Marriage to Mia Farrow. Prince Charles = Children’s book published. Muhammed Ali = First Golden Gloves championship; recaptured world title from Frazier.

Mars: You have to take a decisive step forward to disencumber yourself of old patterns. You must seize the initiative, burn your bridges behind you, and fearlessly strike out on your own. There may be a powerful sense of release or relief.

Examples: Richard Nixon = Marriage. Frank Sinatra = Fistfight, teeth knocked out. Princess Diana = Birth of Prince Harry. Muhammad Ali = Inducted into army, refused, lost boxing license.

Jupiter: You must go with the flow and expand yourself beyond your customary taken-for-granted assumptions. There may be some sort of “first”, or you may get to do something which you’ve wanted to do for a long time. There are delightful experiences which heighten your optimism and enthusiasm.

Examples: Prince Charles = Birth of Prince William. Muhammad Ali = Reversal of five-year jail sentence. Frank Sinatra = Waldorf opening (first taste of big time). Elvis Presley = First job (as a theatre usher).

Saturn: You must be willing to work hard, dedicate and discipline yourself, and be thorough and methodical. You may have to come directly to grips with something you dread, or undertake difficult responsibilities. You may need tact and self-control in dealings with others (define your own personal space and theirs).

Examples: Queen Elizabeth = Coronation. Frank Sinatra = Death of father. Elvis Presley = Wife left him for another man. John F.
Kennedy = Inaugurated president.

Uranus: You must be ready for a major reevaluation of your previous thinking and plans –perhaps a complete reversal of what you stood for previously. There is a need for considerable flexibility and will on your part in order to triumph. It’s a time to cut loose and fly with your impulses.

Examples: Jackie Kennedy Onassis = surprise marriage to Onassis. Walt Disney = Graduated high school, got first job. Frank Sinatra = First marriage.

Neptune: You must let go of your illusions and realistically address emotional issues and motives (yours and other people’s). You may have unusual dreams or psychic experiences, and must attune yourself to subtleties and unspoken vibrations. It can be a dream come true, but it can also be a nightmare.

Examples: Albert Einstein = Fled Germany for U.S. Richard Nixon = Resigned presidency. Gerald Ford = Assumed presidency. Frank Sinatra = Divorced Mia Farrow.

Pluto: You must be detached yet unyielding; employ penetrating insight and unwavering determination in order to get a grip on your course in life. There may be a complete transformation, the necessity for you to take an entirely new approach.

Examples: Adolf Hitler = Invasion of Russia. F. D. Roosevelt = Pearl Harbour. Elvis Presley = Death of mother. Jackie Kennedy Onassis = Death of grandfather; birth and death of Patrick Kennedy.

Asc: You receive acceptance or approval from others. You may see yourself in a new light, recognise unsuspected capacities or prowess.

MC: This may signal a new career direction, group responsibilities and leadership, or an effectiveness in influencing authorities in your favour.

Desc: You join with others in common enterprises. You must be willing to adapt yourself to other people and the exigencies of the time.

IC: You may feel a need to withdraw from the usual hustle and bustle to go off by yourself to listen to your own inner voice.

North Node: A door opens. It can be like an answer to your prayers, a sense of help and encouragement from the universe or a feeling of being on the right track.

Example: Walt Disney = Released first Mickey Mouse cartoon (start of success).

South Node: A door closes. Be careful of the tendency to shut your eyes to where your true interests lie in the rush to grasp whatever life may dangle before your eyes now.

Example: Adolf Hitler = Surrender of German Army at Stalingrad.

Part of Fortune: Serendipity. Expect surprising opportunities that are fun and rewarding and seem to drop from heaven with no effort on your part.

Example: Prince Charles = First solo airplane flight.

The moon’s nodes and the Part of Fortune are of greater than normal importance in this analysis, since these artificial points are in one fashion or another derived from the lunation cycle. The nodes are the points where the moon’s orbit crosses that of the sun (i.e. the earth); and the Part of Fortune shows the moon’s phase as measured in terms of house position. In practice, one finds that lunations falling on these points are even more effective (produce more significant events, with greater assuredness) than lunations which fall on natal planets.

By an interesting coincidence, the lunation cycle is roughly in phase with the cycle of U.S. presidential elections, so that if the new (or full) moon prior to an election falls on a candidate’s natal planet, then the full (or new) moon four years later will fall opposite that planet. For example, the lunations preceding each of F. D. Roosevelt’s four elections contacted his natal Saturn; both elections of Eisenhower were preceded by lunations contacting his natal Moon-Uranus conjunction; both elections of Reagan were preceded by lunations contacting his Saturn; and both elections of George W. Bush were preceded by lunations contacting his Jupiter. Before jumping to the conclusion that the incumbent always has an “astrological edge”, it must be noted that both Jimmy Carter’s successful and unsuccessful bids for the presidency were preceded by lunations contacting his natal Saturn; and both of George Bush père’s runs for the presidency were preceded by lunations contacting his natal moon.

When a lunation falls on a conjunction or opposition of planets in the natal chart, it activates those planets as a combination. For example, the aspects of Jupiter and Saturn show high ideals and standards of conduct, and a deep moral courage. They are not interested in the latest fashions and buzzwords, but seek to make some positive contribution to the world. Thus a lunation falling on a natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction or opposition will bring out the native’s highest ideals. The full moon preceding Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon fell on his Jupiter-Saturn opposition; and lunations fell on Walt Disney’s Jupiter-Saturn conjunction the month he got his first job doing animated cartoons, the month he married, and the month he opened Disneyland.

Lunations are also often useful in synastry (horoscope comparison). The new moon before the marriage of Jack and Jackie Kennedy fell on his moon and her Mars. The full moon preceding the birth of Charles Lindbergh, Jr. conjoined Charles Lindbergh Sr.’s Uranus and opposed Anne Lindbergh’s Sun-Jupiter conjunction; and the full moon before the baby was kidnapped fell opposite Charles Sr.’s Mercury-Venus conjunction (symbolizing children) and opposite Anne Lindbergh’s Saturn.

All lunations contacting the natal chart symbolize a break in your custom tine of everyday life. The trick at these times is to be loose and open to what you really want for your life. Regardless of whether the events produced by 1unations are happy or unhappy, they always have an ultimate potential of hope and joy.

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