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Raphael’s Guide To Transits (Part 1)

Raphael’s Guide To Transits (Part 1)

How To Use This Guide

Transits are by far the easiest astrological forecasting technique to use. Anyone who knows the degree/minute of their natal planets can at once – with access to an ephemeris like Raphael’s – see how the heavens are affecting their daily lives. If, for example, your natal Sun is at 15 degrees Scorpio and Saturn is at that same degree of zodiac in the sky today, transiting Saturn is conjunct your sun. It’s as simple as that. Of course, the effects of slower moving planets (from Saturn to Pluto) are more intense and (obviously) longer lasting. They are the more powerful forces that bring about change in your life, often peaking on days which coincide with inner planet transits – the sun and Mars often acting as a trigger.

The influences of the inner, faster moving planets (the Sun to Mars) are themselves quite fleeting, and I will be omitting Moon and Mercury transits altogether as their effects are too short lived, and in some cases unnoticeable. (They are important, however, in techniques like Progressions and Solar Returns. You’ll also note I haven’t used the sextile in the interpretations, an aspect which I consider rather weak.) Use this Raphael’s Planetary Transit Guide to see what astral forces you may have to deal with, when it may be a good time to forge ahead with plans, take major decisions, look within, meet new people, or perhaps just stay at home!



This is your actual birthday – the day when the sun in the sky returns to its exact, original place with respect to your birth chart. You are naturally feeling rather special today and should find it takes very little effort to be the centre of attraction. Then again, it shouldn’t be an opportunity to simply expect special treatment from everyone – no matter how much you feel you’re entitled to it. Then again, not many people experience ego difficulties on their birthday.

It is certainly a day when you have the ability to command attention and impress others – so take the starring role in social matters. If you think about it, charisma seems to be in plentiful supply, now! A sense that you can really be yourself may prevail right now; such is your impact. You are so much more focussed on your real needs today, too, so it’s a good idea to look within. If you have any serious intentions about changing your life, now is the time to make long range plans. Do this now – at least for the forthcoming twelve months, and stick to them. Think of it as a personal New Year’s Day, when those traditional resolutions should be made and adhered to!



This can be a somewhat tense period – your ego is such that you may end up coming across as a little overbearing. Obviously, it all depends on just who you have to deal with, but if there are others whose opinion you really value, or who may be able to help you, you could end up alienating them. It’s simply that you are so caught up in yourself that you don’t see your effect on other people. This is a real possibility right now.

Still, this is a good time to work alone and emphasise your creative side as this influence can be a good boost to self-confidence and vitality. Competitive sports and pastimes, or anything that allows you to truly express yourself, are your areas of operation – indeed, it must be said that much of your energy is devoted to showing off! The only problem with any of this is that taking yourself for granted may feel alright to you, but it may not attract too many admirers!



This is a fairly easy going day, a happier time that should find everything running in a smooth manner. You will almost certainly enjoy the spotlight and hiding your light under a bushel is simply not for you! This influence ought to bring both confidence and contentment – being yourself will seem easier and you should feel more relaxed about life.

For the most part, this should prove a quite successful day when all things go well and you’re able to see clearly the best course to adopt in personal projects. With any trine, there is equipoise – you tend to be in a more balanced state of mind and can take the rough with the smooth. As you can see, this is not an influence of earth-moving proportions, but if you are going through any general difficulties at present, this transit may help you see things more clearly and take positive action.



This can prove to be a difficult aspect though not usually with serious consequences – more like petty annoyance than full blown disputes – even so, avoid any over the top reactions. Like the square, it is a time when your main focus is yourself and your needs – you tend to see everyone else as a satellite. Only this time you may find someone actively opposing what you want to do. At least you will find out where others’ invisible line is – how far you can go until someone else resists you.

However, don’t let any ego battles cause stress or friction because you come up against someone you feel is a little too big for their boots. Just get on with whatever important matters are on your agenda. Close relationships and friendships are the areas most affected, though you should also be careful of alienating authority figures (like your boss at work, if you have one) for such people really can stand in your way and make life difficult. This is because they think you’re too big for your boots, today!



The dynamic (sun) and passive (moon) sides to your personality are now in harmony and you should not feel shy about letting the world know your true feelings. But the effects of this transit are most likely to occur most in your personal intimate environment. Thus, private matters take up most of your time, today, though it should be a very harmonious period for the most part, whether to do with existing family relationships or the home, and the smooth running thereof.

Your inner sense of equilibrium may now help relieve some of the pressures at work, too – which may be in a brief period of flux. Emotional ties to home are very powerful as these two planets coming together represents the ‘matrix’ of your whole existence – the ‘container’ which shapes you as a person. You may act mostly on feelings and emotional instincts, a family member may have some advice to impart, or you may simply enjoy wallowing in the past and whatever is pleasingly familiar to you. Needless to say, the best place now is at home, away from the hustle and bustle of outdoor life.



This may be a day of pressure and tensions mainly because your inner emotions are in conflict with outward personality or conscious intent. There may be certain feelings you’d rather not deal with, and suppressing them will only create problems. Therefore, don’t expect everything to run perfectly smooth – maybe you’d rather not deal with other people’s feelings (like close partners). However, you should make room for the emotions of intimates and find out what – if anything – is bothering them.

You may show a tendency to be impatient with others at home today, and this can cause one or two problems practically – beware! Maybe you’re seeking freedom from a domestic situation and its demands today, preferring to get out and about. Someone in your close personal life may see your approach to a certain issue as anything but realistic, and it’s quite possible you’ll get carried away with certain emotions. You may not see things like others do, but if you’re prepared to discuss things honestly (and be honest with yourself) you will resolve any emotional issues now.



This transit should coincide with harmonious domestic conditions – you should be, more or less, in tune with the feelings of family and loved ones. Issues related to the home, personal life and emotional security are strongly accentuated at this time and it’s a day for getting the most from personal and home life as desires and aims tend to be easily satisfied. The trine is usually an influence of harmony, and sun trine moon means psychological and emotional stability, making it a period when you communicate well with friends and loved ones and generally ‘glide’ through life.

A period of stability and harmony in domestic relationships can be expected. On the practical level it is a good time for the improvement of your home surroundings and environment. If you are not considering physical activity, it still a good time just to stay at home and enjoy the company of your loved ones. This is a favourable time to relate and possibly seek advice from older people, at least those in your everyday environment whom you’ve learned to trust.



You may be looking for the best of both worlds, professionally and domestically, now but fail to achieve either. This is because the goals you have set yourself may clash with what you really want to do today – which is to relax more and focus on your personal, private life. Thus, demands and obligations from others (especially employers) are something you resist – unless there is a way of avoiding them! But you may find these demands simply have to be fulfilled! All in all, there is a kind of conflict at work between the demands of your environment (what others want from you) and your need to be private.

Needless to say, your home life is more important than ever today and you benefit from being surrounded by family life. Even so, you may be somewhat over emotional as a result of the tensions referred to above. Just don’t overreact to things so that you lose your perspective. If an emotional issue rises to the surface; deal with it properly and calmly. Talk it over if there are problems arising with regard to domestic developments. You may have to consider reorganising your personal life in some way, but the quicker you deal with these issues, the better.

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