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Raphael’s Guide To Transits (Part 2)

Raphael’s Guide To Transits (Part 2)

How To Use This Guide

Transits are by far the easiest astrological forecasting technique to use. Anyone who knows the degree/minute of their natal planets can at once – with access to an ephemeris like Raphael’s – see how the heavens are affecting their daily lives. If, for example, your natal Sun is at 15 degrees Scorpio and Saturn is at that same degree of zodiac in the sky today, transiting Saturn is conjunct your sun. It’s as simple as that. Of course, the effects of slower moving planets (from Saturn to Pluto) are more intense and (obviously) longer lasting. They are the more powerful forces that bring about change in your life, often peaking on days which coincide with inner planet transits – the sun and Mars often acting as a trigger.

The influences of the inner, faster moving planets (the Sun to Mars) are themselves quite fleeting, and I will be omitting Moon and Mercury transits altogether as their effects are too short lived, and in some cases unnoticeable. (They are important, however, in techniques like Progressions and Solar Returns. You’ll also note I haven’t used the sextile in the interpretations, an aspect which I consider rather weak.) Use this Raphael’s Planetary Transit Guide to see what astral forces you may have to deal with, when it may be a good time to forge ahead with plans, take major decisions, look within, meet new people, or perhaps just stay at home!


Sun Conjunct Mercury

The Sun and Mercury combined means that mental activity is increased, and this may well be a day where you are very innovative. Your mind is chock full of ideas and you should put them to the test as regards their usefulness. Probably, though, your main concern is not with practicality or being effective, for though your mind is sharp, you may be easily bored with details. Today, you’re much more concerned with novel or interesting ideas for their own sake – even you earth signs! You may do a lot of pondering – to no avail! Jot down any inventive ideas you may have.

However, all matters to do with communication: articulating ideas, short journeys, one to one discussions, ought to be your forte today and getting others to appreciate your views and opinions seems easy, now. It is basically a time when everyday life becomes more informative, and you are open to just about anything! Indeed, you seem interested in anything and everything, and most aspects of communication should benefit you, whether talking seriously with others or learning something useful. But it can also be what you learn about yourself and how your own mind works.


Sun Square Mercury

You may have more restless energy than you can bear, today – so keep on the move! Short trips, errands, brief encounters and access to useful new information may be the result. But it may have another effect – this phase of rather hectic ‘comings and goings’ in your everyday world can prove counter-productive. In short, you need to focus energies on one or two main priorities or little may be truly accomplished – the energy may be dissipated with needless distractions. If you can avoid these, so much the better. (There may be a wealth of interesting things going on today – so beware!)

But you will probably thrive in situations in which you’re required to think quickly and come up with instant solutions – though others you meet today may provide some stimulus and inspiration, here. However, if you’re doing things alone, mental pursuits that inform and inspire you will satisfy this transit nicely! Then again, there may be others challenging your ideas, or simply disagreeing. Don’t assume you know everything – rather, take time to listen, as well.


Sun Trine Mercury

Communication issues in general help you get the most from life under this influence, whether this means major negotiations or just casual conversation – it is good to talk! Certainly this should be a very good time for getting your points across, and furthermore, you can do it in a charming and affable way. You may learn much at this time, whether it’s general facts or trivia, or something of value to you personally.

Emphasise travel, getting out and about, and above all keep your eyes and ears open to new input. You can benefit from having several things on the go – and as this is a trine aspect you’ll probably do it successfully, too. Everyday routine life may be much more interesting as you absorb new ideas and opinions: fresh encounters with others certainly help you keep abreast of news and views. It’s also a time when you can put some versatile skills to good use and your quickfire mind is a big help right now!


Sun Opposition Mercury

As with any Sun-Mercury transit, the pace of your everyday life and environment may increase, and it’s certainly a good time to communicate with others (whether this means telephoning, texting, emailing or writing letters.) Being busily engaged here is where it’s at, for the quality of ‘feedback’ you receive is likely to be high. Even so, you could find yourself changing your mind a little too often on a personal decision that needs making. Try to close down alternatives, or even put off making it for the time being.

This trend may see a certain enthusiasm for new ideas today – but working with others could be rather dispiriting if you feel they aren’t sympathetic to your views. Disagreements over everyday matters may leave you feeling out of sorts, but do try to meet others half-way. Wherever there are differences of opinion, no matter how small, let the other person make their points fully. Don’t become so enamoured of your own convictions that you refuse to consider another’s.


Sun Conjunct Venus

This transit accentuates your power of attraction, since Venus draws people to you. This is likely to be a day that affects all kinds of social or romantic activity. Your desire for pleasure and romance ought to be fulfilled today – there is a strong highlight on your love life and others tend to seek you out with social invitations and the like. (Not only that, they may prove marvellous company.) Because of your general good mood, encounters with others should be friendly, warm and affectionate. You should also be looking your best – if not, then make the effort (the Venus effect can render one rather indolent!). Sharpen up your image and pamper yourself a little – then get out and socialise. This is the perfect day for it – you may later regret staying in by yourself!

Generally, you’re more compromising and prepared to go with the flow and, as stated, social exchanges tend to be very pleasant and enjoyable. You can certainly bring out the best in others by emphasising their more admirable qualities. This not only increases your popularity, but makes life enjoyable for one and all. In short, you should have plenty of winning ways today, creating a very favourable impression. Since it’s a great time to seek new friends (of either sex), the seeds of a relationship may well be obvious. It is therefore a time to instigate new changes in your love life – these may well see promising developments in the weeks ahead.


Sun Square Venus

Though square aspects can be difficult, the combined effect of the Sun and Venus is unlikely to present any real, insurmountable problems. On the contrary, this transit can prove decidedly pleasant, though only because you insist on being very self-indulgent! For a brief period you will emphasise life’s enjoyable and sensual aspects, and if problems occur it’s only because you’re feeling quite lazy!

You may want to keep up a busy social life now, and there should be many opportunities to do just that, but don’t sit around waiting for things to happen; again, Sun-Venus energies make you feel somewhat passive. However, once you’ve made the effort to meet others half-way this should prove a very pleasurable transit indeed. Also, if youare apt to put on weight easily, a Sun-Venus transit is not the time to be overeating or drinking; on the contrary, a little restraint is in order! Along with passivity and laziness, add ‘self indulgence’ to the list of Sun-Venus vices!


Sun Trine Venus

Today, to put it simply, is when you shouldn’t have to try too hard to gain others’ affections. Winning friends and influencing people in your social environment is easy – the nature of the trine aspect is that it makes things flow smoothly. Thus, the more you get out to seek others’ company, the more you enjoy life with this transit. Getting your innermost thoughts and feelings across to others in an effective way is what this influence is about; you tend to be more warm and open (than usual) at this time.

Today you have a real talent for dealing with people and getting the best out of them in general. This is a day when you can take the initiative to play the diplomat and smoothen over any disharmony between others, and you’ll probably receive much appreciation for your efforts – it costs nothing to be nice! There is a natural talent for being attractive and lovable and others will almost certainly find you very charming. There is an old saying, ‘if you want to be loved, just be lovable’ – something which you know how to do instinctively, today!


Sun Opposite Venus

Life tends to be quite pleasurable now, even though it’s an opposition. All kinds of joint, co-operative endeavours are likely to prove advantageous – indeed, there is more to be gained by working with others than alone, now. Things thus go better in pairs for you at this time: partners and associates really can bring out the best in you. Again, as with the other aspects, you’re in the mood for pleasure and recreation.

On the flipside, you may feel lonely all to soon as you find yourself seeking out others, and the realisation that you need company is intensified. But don’t become so emotionally needy that you alienate others (this is a real possibility with friends and acquaintances). As indicated, you’re motivated by the need to be liked and appreciated and may depend heavily on the support of a friend or love interest right now. In most cases though, people close to you will probably conspire to make this a rewarding and reassuring day.

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