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Raphael’s Guide To Transits (Part 3)

Raphael’s Guide To Transits (Part 3)

How To Use This Guide

Transits are by far the easiest astrological forecasting technique to use. Anyone who knows the degree/minute of their natal planets can at once – with access to an ephemeris like Raphael’s – see how the heavens are affecting their daily lives. If, for example, your natal Sun is at 15 degrees Scorpio and Saturn is at that same degree of zodiac in the sky today, transiting Saturn is conjunct your sun. It’s as simple as that. Of course, the effects of slower moving planets (from Saturn to Pluto) are more intense and (obviously) longer lasting. They are the more powerful forces that bring about change in your life, often peaking on days which coincide with inner planet transits – the sun and Mars often acting as a trigger.

The influences of the inner, faster moving planets (the Sun to Mars) are themselves quite fleeting, and I will be omitting Moon and Mercury transits altogether as their effects are too short lived, and in some cases unnoticeable. (They are important, however, in techniques like Progressions and Solar Returns. You’ll also note I haven’t used the sextile in the interpretations, an aspect which I consider rather weak.) Use this Raphael’s Planetary Transit Guide to see what astral forces you may have to deal with, when it may be a good time to forge ahead with plans, take major decisions, look within, meet new people, or perhaps just stay at home!


Sun Conjunct Mars

Sun-Mars energy is not merely the desire to be yourself, and to be left alone so you can pursue individual interests, but the need to express yourself. You want to show others how strong and powerful you can be, today: to let the world know who you are. This can come about in a variety of ways, creatively or through simply asserting your will – but you won’t allow anyone to tell you what to do. On the contrary, it’s likely to be the other way around: it’s all ‘me, me, me’ with you today – such is your robust ego!

This is a good day to engage in new, pioneering activities or anything that involves hard physical work or exercise – the nature of this transit is such that energy levels will increase. You should, therefore, feel quite vigorous – go jogging or take on big, physical tasks. Even so, don’t be in a big hurry to get results at work: impulsiveness is one of the hallmarks of this transit. Plus, if you find others are standing in the way of progress there may be conflicts right now – you won’t brook any interference, and your patience is somewhat limited!


Sun Square Mars

Again, a day when energy is high and you should enjoy a period of increased dynamism. You’re likely to be at the front of the queue when it comes to saying your piece and getting attention; but remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you! You may find both ego and assertive powers are heightened at this time and you seem to be having a powerful impact on others. Just avoid bullying behaviour!

Though you’re probably full of high spirits and energy, don’t be so quick to anger when defending your own position, or fall into the trap of making rash decisions. In short, don’t act hastily: this is a day to be careful when using cutting tools or machinery, for example, such is your propensity for accidents. There may now be a rather hot-tempered element to life in general; you may have to fight fire with fire if someone challenges you (and this is perfectly as it should be) but don’t go looking for trouble!


Sun Trine Mars

Today you will feel more and more confident about life – because the sun is involved you also have more faith in your self and what you need to accomplish. Thus you’ll be full of the ‘can do’ spirit and are unlikely to give up if the going gets tough. This may, possibly, extend to believing you’re always right (about everything). Nonetheless, this oughtn’t be much of a problem – there should be a nice balance between your ego and the situations and people you have to work with.

This influence should increase your capacity to put creative energies into personal or career goals.

Indeed, it’s mostly a harmonious period on the road towards personal objectives. Again, as with the conjunction and square you should feel more vital and energetic than at other times, hence you accomplish more. But the energy levels are more manageable and free flowing, and it’s a good time to take the initiative – whatever you happen to be doing.


Sun Opposite Mars

Today you need to make your opinion heard and aren’t shy about doing this – but avoid needless disagreements in your affairs. You’re probably not the only one with a big ego today, yet there are always issues not worth falling out over: remember this. You tend to be more competitive with others in your affairs, and a relationship situation may prove a breeding ground for arguments; again, beware. Flying off the handle and getting into unnecessary heated debates may prove counterproductive – choose your words carefully, for you may end up saying something you’ll later regret.

But this transit can work another way, where you become the recipient of another person’s anger, or find someone is trying to push you around. If this happens, and you cannot reason with them, all you can do is resist firmly and then try to avoid them. But it will almost certainly occur because you’re ‘projecting’ an unconscious part of yourself that is embodied or ‘acted out’ by someone else (and it is most likely to be a close partner). The unconscious mind seeks to express its content one way or another – if we ourselves are not willing channels for it, it will find another route. If you’re an introverted and unassertive type, this transit may bring emotional issues (via projection) to the surface in the manner described. Get in touch with yourself and if you need to say your piece on something of importance, do it now (but without any accusatory tones) You can assert yourself firmly without losing your temper!


Sun Conjunct Jupiter

You should feel quite good today – optimistic and ready to embrace the world. Your need to be centre of attraction today is probably overwhelming, and you’ll most likely take yourself very much for granted. At the same time, you’ll probably end up making a good impression on someone, somewhere. The Sun represents your Will to Be and Jupiter enlarges this! You’ll probably be concerned with broadening your horizons and absorbing as much experience as possible, and this can be either modest or grandiose.

There should be, as the saying goes, plenty of get up and go about you today – your intuitive insight is stimulated and you have enterprising ideas as new ambitions surface. Furthermore, it is important for you to do what you really want to today, otherwise you’ll get bored fulfilling mundane duties. Throw caution to the wind and get on with your ambitions – ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ is the message. Being open to the ‘new’ works well for you today – one often cannot get ahead without taking some risks, and this may be a day when you succeed by doing just that! Thus it’s an excellent time for taking on large, ambitious projects and you may find you can get them up and running quite easily.


Sun Square Jupiter

This transit may invigorate you today as Jupiter attunes you to a more progressive, expansive outlook. It is certainly a good day to start new projects, so long as you don’t take on more than you can handle. And this may be the source of any problems today – expectations will probably be high and you’ll want to burn the candle at both ends, so to speak. Though there’s no doubting you will be feeling energetic and optimistic, you may end up promising things to others you can’t deliver.

Even so, this could be a time when you sense Lady Luck is smiling on you, and some events may well occur which could well be deemed lucky or fortunate. Your basic optimism and refusal to accept limitations may mean you go the extra mile in pursuit of an objective. But do remember, too, that your expectations of what is possible could prove way too high and unrealistic.


Sun Trine Jupiter

Since the trine aspect facilitates the expansive, go-getting energy of Sun-Jupiter, this may be a good day to get career objectives into motion, push ahead and really take the initiative. You may find you are full of bold, creative ideas and assistance from others is – fortunately – readily forthcoming. Indeed, this can be a most propitious time when most plans work out to your satisfaction; actually, this may be a time to really push your luck, personally or professionally.

It is also a day of high energy, optimism and perhaps even a sense of freedom, so trust your intuition today: perhaps it is time for a positive change in your life. It is thus a good time to think about widening your horizons, travelling for pleasure or at least getting involved in something new, interesting and – most of all – stimulating If you can make new decisions that will affect the longer term future, then today is the day to do so. Try to have something big happening around this time: it may prove a time when you can double your luck with very little effort.


Sun Opposite Jupiter

As with all Sun-Jupiter transits, its energies are best applied to getting more out of life, enlarging your worldview and trying something new. Rather than just reacting to things you should now be more proactive – initiating events and originating new possibilities and plans, whether long or short term. Your faith in the future (and even other people) with regard to new ventures may be strong and you should act on this.

But there is a warning, since this transit may see you expressing the worst of its energies – arrogance and bossiness where others are concerned. Beware of treating people as your underlings: take nothing for granted, especially colleagues and partners in everyday encounters. It all depends on how you normally relate to others, of course, and if you’re the retiring type, others may even notice you’re a little more confident and assertive than usual. Just avoid too much grandiose thinking – you tend to overestimate your own strengths today, hence the potential for excess and biting off more than you can chew. If you keep in mind your real limitations this can be a day of real advancement and success.


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