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Raphael’s Guide to Transits (Part 7)

Raphael’s Guide to Transits (Part 7)


Transits are by far the easiest astrological forecasting technique to use. Anyone who knows the degree/minute of their natal planets can at once – with access to an ephemeris like Raphael’s – see how the heavsins are affecting their daily lives. If, for example, your natal Sun is at 15 degrees Scorpio and Saturn is at that same degree of zodiac in the sky today, transiting Saturn is conjunct your sun. It’s as simple as that. Of course, the effects of slower moving planets (from Saturn to Pluto) are more intense and (obviously) longer lasting. They are the more powerful forces that bring about change in your life, often peaking on days which coincide with inner planet transits – the sun and Mars often acting as a trigger.

The influences of the inner, faster moving planets (the Sun to Mars) are themselves quite fleeting, and I will be omitting Moon and Mercury transits altogether as their effects are too short lived, and in some cases unnoticeable. (They are important, however, in techniques like Progressions and Solar Returns. You’ll also note I haven’t used the sextile in the interpretations, an aspect which I consider rather weak.) Use this Raphael’s Planetary Transit Guide to see what astral forces you may have to deal with, when it may be a good time to forge ahead with plans, take major decisions, look within, meet new people, or perhaps just stay at home!


Mars Conjunct Sun

If the sun is – broadly speaking – the ‘will to be’ (with regard to the ultimate expression of the Self) then Mars is that same will on a smaller scale. It is the ego’s need to assert our individuality, to define ourselves; also to initiate events and accomplish things in the everyday world, in particular when it come to overcoming practical obstacles. In short, our need to survive. Being a ‘masculine’ energy there is nothing slow, passive or reticent about Mars; indeed, by transit, it usually coincides with a definite, noticeable increase to one’s physical vitality. For about the following two days when this transit is exact, you ought to find the opportunity to accomplish a great deal in a short space of time.

As noted, this is a vitality boosting influence when you should feel full of life and zeal; certainly, confidence is unusually strong and positive spirits usually accompany it, so much so that you may become something of a risk taker. The point is that you need to expend a certain amount of bodily energy, and sitting around doing nothing is not advisable! The risk taking element comes from the fact that, since your need to do things is urgent, you may be temped to take unwise short cuts to your goals! Nevertheless, on the psychological level you feel strong and self assured and can work efficiently, either alone or in groups. However, this transit is best suited to work carried out alone, due to the risk of ego conflicts with others. That’s another by-product of this transit – your ego is such that it is easy to disregard the energies coming from other people (their views, opinions, feelings etc). Don’t be so caught up n your own desires that you forget about others.


Mars Square Sun

This, somewhat like the conjunction, is a very energetic time during which you have the ability to get a lot of demanding tasks accomplished. Your physical strengths are such that you are not easily daunted by what comes your way, and if you are mainly an active type of person who likes to get things done, you will feel quite good. But this is a square aspect, after all, and the main problem is that this transit may expose you to serious tests that will determine if the path you are on right now is appropriate. Accordingly, you may encounter challenges from external circumstances or other people, and the outcome will depend on how well you react, how you use your judgement and consequently express yourself. The challenges are most likely to come from family or those associated with your profession – it may be some course of action you’re embarked upon, that others want to criticise and challenge. Reacting instantly, merely from ego-impulses, may well end in failure and defeat. (Ego defeat, at that.)

Generally, anger and short-fuses are common during this transit, and here they are not necessarily your own. (You may be ‘projecting’ unconscious energies here, and experience the effects of Mars via the environment, i.e., through other people.) It makes good sense, therefore, to look for a positive outlet for any potential frustrations. Activities that demand much physical effort (like outdoor sports) are ideal for ‘burning off’ excess energy! If you can keep to the course you have outlined successfully and defend your position well, you can achieve a good deal now.


Mars Trine Sun

With the trine there is always the potential for smooth progress of one kind or another, and at this time it seems the work you are doing tends to be to be more effective and efficient than other times. If the opportunity at all arises, this is an appropriate time to try something new – to test out a new idea or simply to have a change from your everyday routine. Even so, you’re unlikely to feel lazy and should be prepared for any chance to realise your goals and take advantage of practical situations if the chance arises! This is a good time to be creative or to express your ideas and opinions – you shoud at least find others ready to listen!

You probably feel you have enough energy to suffice in any situation and can devote yourself, with some success, to almost any task. This is especially so if you use the time for physical exertion, such as competitiive activities requiring certain skills. You should also find it quite easy to make decisions during this transit, even if you are normally the procrastinating type. There is a certain sense of cosmic ‘flow’ with a trine that enables one to go out into the world and simply ‘be’, or ‘do’, in such a way that you are successful. Taoists call in ‘being in the Tao’ – in the natural rhythm of things. Even your interpersonal skills are good right now, and you can get the best from others when it really matters.


Mars Opposition Sun

This transit can manifest itself for good or ill, but you may experience mostly the latter! It may be noted that arguments and ego clashes with others are very common with Mars opposite the sun – it is a strongly ‘personal’ transit, where you will react to others as if you were being attacked. Even if someone is not neccesarily confronting or criticising you, you may well take their comments as some kind of an affront. It may be that there is a significant clearing of the air when you can achieve meaningful and constructive compromises, though this is likely to be difficult during this transit! Anger and general contradictions are often the result.

If you have made minor enemies of late, you risk these experiences, since issues involving them may now surface. If you have not acted positively when you should, but for the most part remained passive, you will feel very tetchy. But if you are able to get things out into the open at this time, maintain your ego and find the diplomatic path, there is no reason you shouldn’t get along and achieve your aims. The point is, things are rather out of balance at this time: on the one hand, there is your sense of self, the ego that you wish to protect; on the other, there are situations you encounter that will pose a challenge to this ego. Some conflicts are just not worth getting involved with – such is their petty nature. Some – like your close relationships – require attention and you can still risking it all by refusing to compromise. The advice is thus twofold: keep your ego in check, and force yourself to compromise with others!


Mars conjunct Moon

The moon symbolises our natural ‘feminine’ responses to life; Mars, it can be said, does much the same but from a ‘masculine’ (that is, dynamic and egoic) place. Mars is really about our deeper sense of survival, where we take a definite stand on something in reaction to a threat. Don’t mess with me, it wants to say. Mars also has a quickening effect, hence its reputation for being impulsive and in a hurry. In other words, it releases its energies quickly, and conjunct the moon, one’s emotional reactions are sharp and ‘knee-jerk’. Due to the strong ego-side of Mars, one takes everything very personally, too. Consequently, you may find yourself far more short tempered and irritable than normal wit this transit.

When Mars crosses over the Moon in your birth chart, it may well be time to give vent to any repressed aggression and anger, but this should be done with some awareness of what is happening to you. You may respond very emotionally to life now, and if your reactions seem over the top, maybe there is some inner resentment that need airing constructively. This is how chronic depression can begin – psychotherapists are well aware that depression can be a manifestation of unresolved, buried anger (or rage) at life in general (which is to say, it needn’t be caused by a single event.) On the positive side you can channel your latent aggression and adrenaline storms into being productive, into getting things done. Just beware of that impulsive behaviour – its how accidents occur!


Mars square Moon

There is just as much volatility with this transit as the conjunction and you run the risk of harming your own interests by unpredictable, compulsive anger at this time. I have written elsewhere that hard aspects are difficult, mainly because of an excess of the planetary energies brought about by the aspect under consideration. The square between Mars and the moon involves a good deal of friction between the habit-bound Moon and ‘survival of the fittest’ Mars. The consequence is a lot of raw impulse, and even infantile behaviour, where – like a child – you simply want all of your own way, your needs met, and other people’s feelings are of no importance. Don’t allow this to happen!

As ever, with a hard Mars aspect, beware that these impulsive actions don’t lead to physical accidents – especially ones happening in the home. And in keeping with the symbolism of the moon, this transit may signify difficulties with women, and perhaps in particular your mother. Archetypally, the ‘feminine’ energy of the moon is in some way at odds now with the ego-based ‘masculine’ energy of Mars, where you want to assert yourself and make quick progress. Thus you may find yourself rather impatient with certain individuals for no good reason; individuals who may simply be trying to help.


Mars trine Moon

As one might expect with these two planets, you go about your business today withth some degree of subjectivity – and perhaps it will be difficult to be even slightly objective about life now. Thankfully, this should not pose too many problems today – the energy levels associated with this transit are such that it is quite manageable. Thus, you should be able to progress nicely wherever there is a personal project or objective close to your heart. However, some work commitments may be somewhat more tiresome by comparison, as you resist being torn away from whatever is most familiar to you.

Then again, you will not become subsumed by your feelings; rather, you will enjoy the depth of emotion you do feel, but instead of ‘drowning’ you will simply enjoy the swim! Should anyone questions your views and opinions, you will defend them with plenty of vigour and passion. This is Mars rising to the surface – any issue on which you have taken a stand will be defended seriously because you have identified with the matter at hand. Others will come to admire your being true to how you feel, and you’re not about to say things just to please others, either. It certainly is one of the more pleasant moon-Mars aspects (trines have a 5th-9th house dynamic, recreation and the ‘higher mind’) and you can now find joy in much simpler, emotional issues, perhaps related to the past (nostalgia) and your personal world (home and family).


Mars Opposition Moon

Like all oppositions, this transit may lead to difficulties and tensions in personal relationships. This may be due to some issue that happened between both of you in the past, or it could be something new. The opposition is like an inverted conjunction – what is usually internalised in the conjunction is here made external. This means that you encounter the ‘difficult’ half of the opposition through other people via psychological projection – you ‘live out’ its energies as you encounter others, but the source is really you, or rather, your unconscious mind. Needless to say, there is the potential here for invoking the more belligerent side of Mars in your dealings with others, via your own emotional behaviour. Not because you are deliberately seeking conflict, or even trying to irritate others for the fun of it, but because you are totally unaware of this self-seeking ego within you today.

For example, do your actions and words completely disregard the feelings and sensitivities of others today? If so, you may be unaware of the extent to which they do – but someone will quickly remind you sooner or later. Perhaps in an unpleasant way, too! So this transit requires some awareness on your part – wherever you have to deal with others today, especially strangers, be careful not to take yourself too much for granted. This is merely asking for trouble. Remember that others have feelings too!

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