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Raphael’s Guide To Transits (Part 6)

Raphael’s Guide To Transits (Part 6)


Transits are by far the easiest astrological forecasting technique to use. Anyone who knows the degree/minute of their natal planets can at once – with access to an ephemeris like Raphael’s – see how the heavsins are affecting their daily lives. If, for example, your natal Sun is at 15 degrees Scorpio and Saturn is at that same degree of  zodiac in the sky today, transiting Saturn is conjunct your sun. It’s as simple as that. Of course, the effects of slower moving planets (from Saturn to Pluto) are more intense and (obviously) longer lasting. They are the more powerful forces that bring about change in your life, often peaking on days which coincide with inner planet transits – the sun and Mars often acting as a trigger.

The influences of the inner, faster moving planets (the Sun to Mars) are themselves quite fleeting, and I will be omitting Moon and Mercury transits altogether as their effects are too short lived, and in some cases unnoticeable. (They are important, however, in techniques like Progressions and Solar Returns. You’ll also note I haven’t used the sextile in the interpretations, an aspect which I consider rather weak.) Use this Raphael’s Planetary Transit Guide to see what astral forces you may have to deal with, when it may be a good time to forge ahead with plans, take major decisions, look within, meet new people, or perhaps just stay at home!


The ascendant degree is the ‘true’ beginning of your chart, symbolising the commencement of a personal journey of one kind or another – as is obvious whenever, say, Jupiter or Saturn cross this point. It is the time – depending on the planet involved – to make changes and determine to do something new, or maybe revise an old situation. With the sun here, a new mini cycle begins (the other is your twelve month solar cycle from one birthday to the next) and so you should embark on a  fresh start of some kind.

This energy is all about being yourself, and letting others know that you’re around! Your self-determined – even sunny –  approach to life may prove infectious for others for much of the day. Personally and health-wise, there may be a peak in overall spirits and vitality whereupon  you can get much more accomplished (though when it comes to purely physical energy, Mars is the planet you need!) In short, you should feel fairly good about yourself. Creative and artistic pursuits should be especially rewarding as these enable you to ‘find’ yourself among your creations – and your work becomes a real ‘part’ of you, so to speak. Certainly, it’s not a day for any monotonous grind  that offers no outlet to be inventive or imaginative.



Obviously, this transit has much the same meaning as the conjunction, except that with squares one often gets things out of balance. As I have said elsewhere (in my Simple Guide to Aspects) squares often contain too much energy for us to handle, as if an electrical circuit was being overloaded and overpowered. Sun square ascendant is rather like this – there is just too much of you today! Others may find you very much ‘overpowering’ and rather full of yourself, and needless to say, you may want to curb any ego excesses. Even if you do feel superior when among lesser mortals – avoid showing it. Try a little noblesse oblige!

Sill, the spirit of independence is at large, and there ought to be certain situations that give you a chance to show off and truly be yourself at this time (so long as you refrain from being bossy and domineering with others). It stands to reason that if you let arrogance overtake you, then people will react accordingly. If you  must play the prima donna now, make sure that others around you are loved ones who’ll tolerate such behaviour. Positively, you can bring out your talents in a unique and creative manner today and this will no doubt add to the quality of life – talk about making an impact on the world!



This is likely to be a pleasant day (barring other potentially disruptive transits or progressions on your chart) when you can let go and enjoy being the centre of attention – to the utmost. Don’t be  afraid to follow your own heart. The effect of a sun trine is to put you at ease in your own skin, as you enjoy both expressing yourself and communicating with others. There is a 5th/9th house dynamic with the trine (these houses being, in principle, 120 degrees – i.e. in trine – from the ascendant) and so the elements of both creativity (5th) and higher learning (9th) are at its core. By ‘higher learning’ I mean any experience that takes you out of your usual ‘environment’ whether literally (geographically) or mentally/emotionally.

It’s thus a good time to create, travel, perform and generally have experiences that widen your personal horizons. There is one thing to remember with the trine, however. It is usually such a benign and passive kind of influence that many people hardly even realise its effects! (When the road ahead is smooth for the driver,  it can be very easy to fall asleep at the wheel.) Thus, you may just spend most of the time doing very little in the way of activity, today. But this would be to waste the potential of this transit, since your energies are such that you could probably carry off many difficult tasks with some success now; tasks that on other days might cause considerable headaches.



The opposition aspect almost always centres on personal encounters with others, and so the solar factor in this transit will affect personal relationships. There are some things to watch for though – such as possible ego conflicts, and each partner accusing the other of doing what they themselves are doing! A negative sun manifests in arrogance, petulance, selfishness and ‘childishness’ – which is how you may see a certain person’s behaviour  today. Be sure that your own unconscious mind isn’t generating this – in short, refrain from condemning others until you have looked at yourself.

The sun is now on the cusp of your seventh house of personal relationships. This may mean that some of your ego is subsumed into encounters with others, and instead of having conflicts with them, you find they ‘live out’ solar energies for you. That is, they become the focus of ‘specialness’ – in your life – someone else is always far more interesting, talented, impressive, funny etc., than yourself. This is psychological projection, and is likely to happen if you are a fairly introverted and retiring type. But beware of too much hero worship, for you’ll come to resent this in time.



Since the midheaven on a chart symbolises the peak of one’s aims in the outside world, today may coincide with some conclusive action in your career or profession. The main thing to note with this transit is that it may create a minor tension between fulfilling (on the one hand) professional or outer world obligations; and (on the other) attending to more personal, domestic concerns. Even so, you should be mostly feeling  confident about the future today, with an increased drive and sense of initiative.

Almost certainly this transit will strengthen your desire to succeed, and there ought to be difficulty in getting things done as you find yourself at the forefront of various activities.  Professional issues, for example, may see you with much to keep you busy, and you will enjoy most of the challenges at work – indeed, you’ll probably thrive on them. This is a good time to take the initiative and demonstrate some  leadership and ambition in your profession. It can even be a beneficial time for any large enterprise or work of an ambitious nature since you have the confidence to pull off any risky business.



You should be in a get-up-and-go mood during most of the day, and this transit should ensure much satisfactory accomplishment – but there are caveats here. Whilst you should have great energy to tackle any issue at work or at home, you could be speeding ahead blithely with your own ambitions, heedless of those around you. The main thing to really beware of is how you handle those in authority. As noted, with squares things can get out of balance – you may appear much more commanding and assertive than usual, for example. But carry this too far and authority figures (such as your boss) will not refrain from putting you in your place!.

Nevertheless, this is a good time to carefully examine your work and career needs and then make necessary adjustments. There may have been some issue that needed putting into perspective, and this is a good time to to do it. On the positive side, there should certainly be an enormous boost of energy at this time, though success in aims and endeavours depends on your channelling and harnessing this energy in an effective way.  (Such as not expecting to be in the limelight all of the time, or not taking credit for what other have done!)



The text book interpretation of this transit would say something like, ‘career wise this can be a phase of real progress’, or ‘this can be prove to be a rewarding time in your professional capacities.’ This is mainly due to the enabling effect of the trine aspect, but it’s also because you have more clear insight into yourself and your professional ambitions. You know what to do for the best and exactly how you’’ll get there. Thus, there should be little holding you back today – energy levels are good, as is your confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Better still, this may prove to be  a time when authority figures are very approachable. You may want to seek their professional help or even personal assistance with a matter. All in all, if you are prepared to fasten your vision of the future to build something lasting, things can really things can happen for you now. As mentioned, it may be a day of expanded sense of self-confidence at work (when you can inspire and motivate others by example) and you may even receive some merit or appreciation for something you have accomplished.



The sun is now is the bottom half of your chart, at its lowest point – in fact – as your attention is turned to your inner world. But this transit may invoke an inner-outer conflict today – you may want to focus on intimate, personal matters at home, say, whilst there are duties to fulfil elsewhere in a career or profession. If possible, suspend any onerous duties that would take up all of your time and concentrate on your private life.  This is a time when most meaningful encounters will be through your immediate family, especially insofar as they represent your past and what makes you feel most secure.

Professional matters may simply seem like a distraction from where you really want to be! When it comes to work and career, you can indeed expend plenty of energy, but you may feel that your heart isn’t really in certain projects. Only matters that affect you personally and speak to you emotionally will have major significance in your outer world. Again, you are seeking significance from matters in your past and your thinking is less objective than usual. But I stress – as with all of the sun transits – these are quite short lived effects. Even if you’re having a bad day, it shouldn’t last long!


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