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Raphael’s Guide to Chart Interpretation ~ Part Three: How to Interpret Aspects – The Combined Meaning of Planets (II)

Raphael’s Guide to Chart Interpretation ~ Part Three: How to Interpret Aspects – The Combined Meaning of Planets (II)

by James Lynn Page

Here is the second part of this three-part series, looking at Venus, Mars and Jupiter combinations all based on real experience – those in my client base, along with knowledge from my own chart, my family’s charts and those of some high profile celebrities.


Venus combined with Mars

Strong physical desires in love – sensual attraction and the demonstrative elements of love and sexuality. Invigorates the affections. Creativity inspired by the passions and emotions. Can be a conflict between relationship needs and ego (individual self-expression and will) – between ‘give and take’ in personal relationships.

Venus combined with Jupiter

A warm and generous heart, affectionate, effortlessness, compassion, toleration, liberality. An amicable association with other individuals in general. To have the capacity to make oneself loved and popular. May lead to material benefits in love or marriage.

Venus combined with Saturn

Affections curtailed and limited in expression. Inhibitions in love matters/‘affairs of the heart’. A strong sense of practical reality; love matters overshadowed by material issues. Sobriety, modesty, tendency to be dissatisfied in romance, possibly a marriage based on money and security, an older/younger partner. Feelings for each other durable.

Venus combined with Uranus

Quick, exciting developments in love, the thrill and inspiration of romantic adventure (though possibly short lived). Freedom within love matters (though lack of emotional bonds). Unexpected attractions (sudden feelings for another person) or creative inspiration. Eccentric or unusual affairs. Unfaithfulness, inconstancy.

Venus combined with Neptune

Dreamy romanticism, empathy, a receptiveness to beauty and sensitivity in the affections. Impressionable and easily influenced with high-expectations in love. A powerful imagination – possible gifts in art and music, good taste, high ideals. Possibly misplaced ideals or excesses in love. Passive. A tendency to identify with the ‘unfortunate’ with life’s ‘victims’ etc.

Venus combined with Pluto

Power conflicts in relationships, jealousy, possessiveness, obsessiveness. Unusual and transforming experiences in love. A highly charismatic personality exerting great influence on someone. A fated introduction to a lover, personal relationships with profound consequences.

Venus combined with Ascendant

The ability to be sociable, charming, adaptable. Compromise and seeking a peaceful outcome. Harmonious relationships. Relationships with attractive people. Pleasure from artistic creativity, or socialising in general.

Venus combined with the Midheaven

The active pursuit of pleasure, love and happiness. May describe the personal mother (creative, romantic, pleasure loving etc.). Making beauty and aesthetic considerations a main goal. Possible career in the arts, cosmetics etc. (Venusian professions)


Mars combined with Jupiter

Positivity and good self-esteem. Opportunity, generosity/prodigality, self confidence or even arrogance. Daring action, risk-taking, speculation and extravagant sweeping gestures. Lucky activities/events, good timing. Enterprise and enthusiasm. Physical vitality and strength.

Mars combined with Saturn

Rigid patterns leading to unexpected setbacks and frustrations. Restraint, negativity. Self discipline, concentration, reduced energy. Obstacles, delays, and suppressed anger. Independence and ‘going it alone’. Slow progress. May signify difficulties in relationships (parental, marriage) due to ‘ego issues’ or another person behaving oppressively.

Mars combined with Uranus

Boldness, decisiveness, even reckless behaviour. Extreme independence or ‘selfishness’ that elevates freedom above all else. Headstrong, forceful, revolutionary. Tension or open conflicts manifesting suddenly and unexpectedly. Surprising events or personal behaviour. Events which are a breakthrough or end in turmoil. Major changes of objectives and plans.

Mars combined with Neptune

Ability to act covertly and secretly, even assume another persona (associated with professional actors or con artists). Deception and betrayal (either one betrays others or is, oneself, betrayed). Fanaticism, treachery. Reduced vitality and diffusion of will. Escapism (sometimes with drugs), confusion and distraction. The will expressed spiritually – in charitable behaviour/activites or in religious/mystical pursuits.

Mars combined with Pluto

Energies intensified at the level of the will/emotions and the desire nature, combative and striving for goals at all costs. Unbending despotism. Brutality. Acting in a relentless, unscrupulous way. Being in touch with the energy of transformation – the death-rebirth cycle – in one’s personal life. Big changes wrought by crisis.

Mars combined with the Ascendant.

Projecting a forceful, self willed personality, Seeing division and opposition between oneself and others (how one is different as opposed to similar). Ego conflicts in relationships (either stirred up by oneself or others) .

Mars combined with the Midheaven

Conscious action and decisiveness re: aims and goals. Can reflect experience of a ‘Mars-like’ parent (possibly the personal mother). A bold, combative and pushy ‘public image’. Seeing the environment/world as a ‘challenge to be overcome’. Possible career in the military, competitive sports etc (‘Martian professions’.)


Jupiter combined with Saturn

Drive to be expansive, enthusiastic is tempered by practical considerations. An aspect of great tension (moving from one extreme the other). Generosity and growth vs restraint and restriction. A positive and hopeful outlook versus ‘realism’ and even cynicism. The desire to experience the new and untried vs remaining content with the old and ‘familiar’.

Jupiter combined with Uranus

Love of freedom and novelty-seeking. On the personal level, a devil-may-care quality. Undisciplined though magnetic and inspirational to others. May be rapid and unexpected changes in karma or personal luck (financial/speculative gains or losses).

Jupiter combined with Neptune

Spiritual and benevolent motivations (reaching out to others). The ideal, inspirational, mystical, self-indulgent even. Spiritual gifts from others. Religious devotion, contemplation, meditation, intuition and dreams as a means of higher knowledge.

Jupiter combined with Pluto

Charisma and the drive to impress one’s personality/will on others, growth, ambition and personal/material development, the struggle for supremacy and success, overreaching or misuse of one’s powers (possible difficulties with those in authority because of this).

Jupiter combined with the Ascendant

Having a positive impact on the environment. A positive sense of the self/ego. A ‘Jupiterian’ outlook on the world: tolerant, hopeful, optimistic etc. May describe a supportive, helpful partner. Luck arriving through contact with others, especially close relationships.

Jupiter combined with the Midheaven

Opportunities for personal ambitions, advancement and growth. Good timing re: career plans and objectives. Personal authority and reputation. May describe a supportive, helpful parent. Possible career in ‘Jupiterian’ professions (philosopher, financial speculator, or actor – according to Gauquelin).

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