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Raphael’s Guide to Chart Interpretation ~ Part Four: How to Interpret Aspects – The Combined Meaning of Planets (III)

Raphael’s Guide to Chart Interpretation ~ Part Four: How to Interpret Aspects – The Combined Meaning of Planets (III)

by James Lynn Page

Here is the final part of this three-part series, looking at Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto combinations, all based on real experience – those in my client base, along with knowledge from my own chart, my family’s charts and those of some high profile celebrities.


Saturn combined with Uranus

The difference between old and new. A dichotomy between responsibility/limitations and liberty/freedom; between the traditional and the ‘original’ and innovative. Clash between conservative and reactionary, radical or revolutionary, attitudes and viewpoints. A lack of adaptability leading to tension, stress and frustration and more seriously, unexpected crises of separation – whether from others or outer circumstances (but only when one is forced into repressive situations).

Saturn combined with Neptune

The difference between form (matter) and ideal (spirit). The attempt to ‘earth’ one’s spiritual ideals and visions and make them a concrete part of everyday life. Dichotomy between the ‘real’ world and the metaphysical one, hence possibly unrealistic, false expectations and an estrangement from the material world. Unrealistic fear and abiding discontent, where happiness proves elusive. Deep disappointment and brooding may lead to psychosomatic illnesses. If Saturn predominates, may suffer a sense of meaninglessness.

Saturn combined with Pluto

The difference between form/stability and the power of transformation (the archetypal ‘death’/‘rebirth’ cycle in nature). Contending with difficult odds and harsh situations that are limiting. Overcoming major crises and resistance from the environment. Circumstances which require a complete overhaul or transformation. Attaining one’s objectives through struggle, perhaps even violent struggle. The power of tenacity, patience, persistence and enduring self-discipline. Associated with the ‘right’ wing on the political spectrum.

Saturn combined with the Ascendant

Issues stemming from the Father complex and authority figures (e.g. teachers). Possibly a ‘difficult’ childhood (restrictive, with an emphasis on discipline). Possibly shy and self-effacing personal qualities. Wariness and caution forming close relationships. Self-denying and possibly taciturn. A seriousness or practical quality underpinning personal relationships. Relationship or marriage to a more mature partner.

Saturn combined with the Midheaven

One’s life direction and ‘image’ of Authority, combined with realistic, self discipline. The need to be one’s own ‘authority’ in general (especially professionally) – self reliant, capable and responsible. Parental issues and possible difficulties with those who yield power, such as employers. A parent who is ‘Saturnian’ – restrictive, severe, highly conservative etc. (Positively, one inculcating ‘traditional’ human values and virtues). Career achievements through patient effort and sustained hard work.


Uranus combined with Neptune

The ‘awakener’ archetype combined with the transcendent and ‘otherworldly’. Altered states of consciousness: sudden spiritual ‘awakening’ and visionary experience. Collective idealism, mysticism, inspirational, poetic or occult themes. Transcendent pursuits: Meditation, Yoga, Visualisation, T’ai Chi. Religion and spiritual activity. Large scale ideals for change and cultural transformation. Associated with the more collective, inclusive left-wing on the political spectrum (‘utopianism’, ‘anarchism’).

Uranus combined with Pluto

The ‘awakener’ archetype combined with the power of large scale regeneration. The politics of revolution and change (and the ability to influence others in this regard). Bringing about drastic change via the destruction of old institutions, forms and even lifestyles. Change that is sudden, drastic, even upsetting. If this energy is manifested personally, qualities of charisma, determination, eccentricity, inventiveness but also a fanaticism for change at any cost.

Uranus combined with the Ascendant

The ‘awakener’ archetype combined with one’s outer persona – an excitable, ‘original’, inconstant, changeable personality, with the emphasis on liberty and personal freedom. Viewpoints and opinions that may be considered radical and unconventional – hence the tendency to be disquieting or even offensive to some. Unconventional and shallow-rooted personal relationships. Relationships that require much freedom and independence for the participants (otherwise sudden break-ups transpire).

Uranus combined with the Midheaven

One’s life direction and career combined with the ‘rebel’ archetype. The need for complete independence and a self-willed path through life (possible issues with authority figures – teachers, employers, governments even – because of this). Possibly a parent who is ‘Uranian’ – unusual, eccentric, creative, a free spirit with a love of change. Career path possibly unstable, but achievements may come through lightning brilliance, revolutionary ideas and inventive genius (the career path itself may be linked to new science or technology).


Neptune combined with Pluto

The archetype of transcendence combined with the power of regeneration and transformation. The appearance of new spiritual or psychological realities that had previously been dormant. Powerful, penetrative and prophetic insight. Metaphysical interests/pursuits: magick entailing powerful changes in consciousness. Hidden powers – the transformative power of sexual energies, drugs etc. Cultural shifts entailing new inspirations and realisations about humanity.

Neptune combined with the Ascendant

The archetype of spiritual transcendence combined with one’s outer persona – a subtle, introverted, spiritual-leaning, sensitive, idealistic, impressionable, ‘otherworldly’ personality. An ego that is less sharply defined. Personal relationships that are based on ‘self-sacrifice’, duty or the ‘redemption’ of a partner. Romantic, idealistic, symbiotic (boundary-less) relationships, also unrealistic and self deluding ones. Impressionable and sensitive. A self-image at odds with how others see you.

Neptune combined with the Midheaven

One’s life direction and career combined with the archetype for transcendence. Possibly a parent who is ‘Neptunian’ – artistic, musical, psychic, spiritually inclined, or is a burden for some reason (perhaps chronic illnesses or alcoholism). A career perhaps in the caring professions, or one related to the oil or pharmaceutical industry. A firm devotion to unworldly, spiritual or idealistic objectives. Career path may be unfocussed or involve deceit.


Pluto combined with the Ascendant

The archetype for ‘death and rebirth’ combined with one’s outer persona. Innate appreciation of the ‘death and rebirth’ transformations in one’s life – how things end irrevocably (and lead on to a new chapter). An outer personality that may be subtle and charismatic outwardly, but one weighted with intensity, purpose, will and the desire for power (sometimes over others). Possible power struggles in personal relationships. An attraction to others who are self-possessed, strong-willed, charismatic and who wield power of some kind.

Pluto combined with the Midheaven

The archetype for ‘death and rebirth’ combined with one’s life direction. Seeking and striving for personal influence. An understanding of power, force and its uses. The ability to be completely ruthless in pursuit of one’s aims. Possibly a parent who is ‘Plutonian’: strict, disciplinarian, powerful in their own right. A career that involves secretive activities, or one that transforms and changes lives in a significant way.

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