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Raphael's interviews

Faye Cossar

Author and astrologer James Lynn Page talks with Faye Cossar about how astrology works, Professor Rupert Sheldrake, the dwarf planet Ceres and using Raphael’s Ephemeris.

Raphael's interviews

Melanie Reinhart

Author and astrologer James Lynn Page talks to the notable astrologer/writer Melanie Reinhart about her career. Melanie has expertise in Centaur planets such as Chiron, Pholus and Nessus – all three, arguably, now having a role to play on the birth chart. Also, Melanie tells us about her fondness for Raphael’s Ephemeris.

Raphael's interviews

Jonathan Cainer

Author and astrologer, James Lynn Page, talks to the popular stargazer Jonathan Cainer about his unique, no-nonsense approach to his craft, Raphael’s Ephemeris and how he sees his role as astrologer in the modern day.

Raphael's interviews

Bernadette Brady

Academic and astrologer Bernadette Brady talks about her career in astrology, how the subject might really work, and the importance of the Fixed Stars. This latter is an oft neglected area of astrology and, here, Bernadette is something of a pioneer.

Raphael's interviews

Deike Begg

Jungian based astrologer Deike Begg (Stella Begg to some) discusses her astrological career with author/astrologer James Lynn Page. During this fascinating exchange, Deike reflects on the power of synchronicity (a Jungian term for a meaningful coincidence) the collective unconscious and her fondness for Raphael’s Ephemeris.

Raphael's interviews

Babs Kirby

UK astrologer Babs Kirby talks about Raphael’s Ephemeris and her work in psychological astrology, in particular the phenomenon of ‘projection’. This is, basically, the much talked about Law of Attraction – we always attract whatever is in our unconscious mind (through other people), whether we like it or not! Interviewed by author and astrologer James Lynn Page.

Raphael's interviews

John Green

UK astrologer John Green talks about his work in psychological astrology and how Jungian archetypes are reflected on the birth chart. With interviewer James Lynn Page, he also discusses the Internet’s role in the age of Aquarius and the benefits of using Raphael’s Ephemeris.

Raphael's interviews

Erin Sullivan

The renowned astrologer Erin Sullivan talks about her astrological career and self-development, the ephemeris and Saturn transits with author and astrologer James Lynn Page.


Raphael's Ephemeris

An ephemeris, with its tables of planetary positions, is the astrologer’s indispensable work tool. Raphael’s occupies a unique place in the history of astrology and now, the world’s best astrologers – including Melanie Reinhart, Bernadette Brady, Erin Sullivan, Sue Tompkins, Christine Arens and Rose Marcus – give us their candid opinions. Raphael’s Ephemeris is issued annually by British publisher W. Foulsham & Co. (www.foulsham.com)