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Raphael’s Brief Notes on Venus Retrograde 2018

Venus Retrograde 2018

Sir John Everett Millais, Ophelia

The retrograde refers to a pivot point in the synodic cycle of Venus, charting its path relative to the Sun. Venus appears to go backwards through the zodiac from our perspective, even though it’s just our perception in relation to its forward moving orbit.

Venus traces a 5-pointed pentagram shape as it moves, and every 8 years, Venus retrogrades in a similar part of the sky for about 40-43 days, lighting up the same part of your chart. This makes it an amazing way to trace time and connect the dots to fundamental events, patterns and evolutions of consciousness through experiences in your life.

Venusian issues will intensify during this time, bringing up themes of relationships, love, values, self-worth, money, contracts, physical appearance & beauty. You are being asked to attend to urgent matters in these areas for resolution and / or progress. Although your final resolve will most likely stick when Venus is on her merry path again, out of this corner of the sky, events which occur around the time of the shadow period and retrograde are sure to leave a lasting impression or impact in your life.

A expansion of perception in these areas is very possible, showing you something you could not see before, bringing someone your way who helps to transform you, or creating a burning desire in your life in some way which compels you to act outside of your usual character.

Take note of the day Venus enters Shadow (the point she will retrograde back to in the sky), when Venus goes retrograde, when retrograde Venus conjoins the Sun, when Venus retrograde makes aspects to other planets during that time (especially Mars, which brings the masculine and feminine energies together) and when Venus goes direct. These key points bring pivotal moments in the cycle and you will find vital clues to understand this particular transit.

Relationships in the signs of Libra and Scorpio
Of course, people we have known in the past often come back during this time for a review of what occurred before. Will it be a continuation of your association or just a necessary pause to take stock of how far you have come?

With the oppositions to Uranus during this time, there will be lots of unexpected events, perhaps a sudden resolve out of the blue, taking you in a different direction or unexpected encounters which change the course of your life. Uranus also indicates geographical distance between partners, online dating, sudden infatuations, unusual bedfellows and sudden splits. Venus in the Mars/Pluto ruled sign of Scorpio indicates intensity in relating, fears, betrayal, affairs, jealousy and love triangles.

The signs of Libra and Scorpio colour this retrograde. Libra is about creating a relationship where each participant is equal – equal contributions and equal status. If one dominates over the other, the gentle balance is upset. The key is to understand where the other is coming from, which emphasises the importance of communication skills!

Whereas Scorpio requires fusion in relationships and total merging, with intense bonding and an all-or-nothing attitude. This is hard to translate to day-to-day routines. Scorpio is about blowing it all up when feeling misunderstood, intense emotions under the surface and dangerously passionate romantic encounters, acting like a spell. Do you use emotional manipulation and ultimatums or fair due process to get what you want?



Key dates in the Venus Retrograde 2018 cycle, with an emphasis on aspects to Mars

Practical Tip: This Venus Retrograde reflects back to October 2002 and October 2010, when Venus was retrograde in a similar part of the sky. What was going on at those times during your life, and is there any connection between then and now? What house/s is Venus transiting in your natal chart this October/November, and what aspects will Venus be making to your natal planets? There are most likely patterns and similar themes which are being activated again but in a different way, especially if transiting Venus aspects natal planets.

3 Sep | Venus entered the retrograde zone at 25°14’ Libra conjunct fixed star Spica, which expresses the nature of Venus & Mars
5 Oct | Venus stationary retrograde at 10°50’ Scorpio, with Mercury at 24° libra – only 1° away from where Venus will return
5 Oct | On the same day, Venus parallels Mars
6 Oct | Jupiter leaves the recent retrograde shadow zone when it passes 23°13’ Scorpio
8 Oct | Mars leaves the shadow zone passing 9°13’ Aquarius
11 Oct | Mars in Aquarius at 10°16’ squares Venus Rx in Scorpio
15 Oct | Venus Rx meets Mercury in the sky at 8°50’ Scorpio
24 Oct | Venus Rx sextiles Saturn
26 Oct | Sun conjoins Venus Rx at 3°06′ Scorpio (Venus Cazimi)
31 Oct | Venus Rx in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus AND Venus Rx squares the nodes of fate at 0° Scorpio/Leo, shortly after, Venus re-enters Libra
3 Nov | Venus Rx quincunx Chiron
9 Nov | Venus Rx trine Mars at 26° Libra/Aquarius
16 Nov | Venus stationary direct at 25°14’ Libra and the same day Mercury goes retrograde AND Mars enters Pisces
29/30 Nov | Venus Direct in Libra opposite Uranus Rx in Aries AND squaring the nodes of fate (newly in Cancer/Capricorn) all at 28/29° of cardinal signs
2 Dec | Venus re-enters Scorpio
3 Dec | Moon conjoins Venus at 0° Scorpio
16 Dec | Venus Direct in Scorpio sextiles Saturn in Capricorn
17 Dec | Venus leaves the shadow zone as it moves past 10°50’ Scorpio
21 Dec | Venus on fresh ground, trines Neptune at 13°53’ Pisces
Image ~ A Little Book of Coincidence: In the Solar System (Wooden Books)
Image ~ A Little Book of Coincidence: In the Solar System (Wooden Books)

Venus Retrograde ~ Raphael's Ephemeris

People change their minds about relationships and the truth comes out. You suddenly cannot repress your authentic needs and desires any longer and must be true to yourself.

These profound and transformative love experiences bring opportunities for mastering and transcending your desire nature if it is in any way destructive. Learning trust, patience and sensitivity, reflecting on why you feel the need to be overly defensive or private. Dropping the mask to be authentic. Themes of feeling rejected and abandoned are often about ‘perceived’ rejection and we are given the opportunity to regain a sense of personal power after giving it away, and then feeling liberated after the obsession dissipates.

Essentially, this is not about what you can get in love to quell your eternal yearning, but about the quality of love you can give. This is about give and take, and the balance you strike between the two.

Values & Finances
You may feel undervalued in some way financially if you are not receiving your due compensation. This often reflects how you feel internally about what you have to offer, unless you decide to stand up for yourself. Venus in Scorpio, brings financial intrigue, power struggles around resources, themes of fraud, extortion, debt, subterfuge and blackmail. Renegotiate financial agreements if they need updating. Leaked financial secrets could emerge. Abrupt changes in financial values. Financial fears of survival inherited from the clan are coming up for review.

Self-worth & Appearance
A time for rethinking how you see yourself and how you feel about your physical appearance. A time to strengthen your self-worth. You might feel compelled to shake up your style due to a changing internal landscape. You might spend too much on something and regret it, or could find an amazing bargain with a distortion in perceived value between buyer and seller.

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