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Why Use A Printed Ephemeris?

As technology changes, many astrologers are choosing to use both a printed and digital ephemeris. One or the other is used for different occasions and different purposes. The question remains, why still buy a hard-copy ephemeris?

Ultimately, it’s about the quality of the experience, bringing the essence of the deductive art of the tradition forward into the changing astrological landscape of the future. There is an emotional connection with the printed page – there is something magical about it.

If you want to quickly check the date Mercury goes direct and when Saturn enters Capricorn, then a portable ephemeris is ideal. Gain a visceral sense of the birth chart when counting days for progressed years in the ephemeris tables.

• A physical ephemeris makes it much easier to move around to different places in the text, scanning a visual timespan of information without losing your place.

• A physical ephemeris makes it easier to keep your train of thought without unnecessary distractions or being overwhelmed with too much information and data.

• A physical ephemeris is much easier to dip in and out of.

• A physical ephemeris fits into any bag, making it portable and easy to access.

• A physical yearly ephemeris is light, portable and keeps you focused on all the information you need for daily, monthly and annual forecasting or analysis.

• A physical ephemeris is easier on your eyes than staring at a screen.

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